Warm Up Cornwall

If we would be the recipients of the the funds we would be using it to keep Cornwall warm by making handmade items for local schools, day cares, and nursing homes. To do this we need Yarn and knitters. We also purchase items to help the less fortunate stay warm after visiting the local soup kitchens, and food banks. We also drive around town during cold snaps and leave bags of warmth in key sections of the city and trying to reinstate the Snow Suit fund to guarantee every child is warm from head to toe.  

We teach others to knit to keep the art of knitting alive. So we need extra knitting kits for the new knitters to keep and continue.


All my teaching is through the year, all winter gear for schools and daycare are delivered by December 1st. Nursing homes are delivered through the year, and the soup kitchen recipients would receive the items through the winter.

We are consistently working year round picking up and dropping  off Yarn or items for the next winter or to keep residents at nursing homes cozy.


The residents of Cornwall will never be cold with Warm Up Cornwall around.