Habitat for Humanity Seaway Valley


Founded in 1998, Habitat for Humanity Seaway Valley is a non-profit organization working towards a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live. Our mission is to mobilize volunteers and community partners in building affordable housing and promoting homeownership as a means to breaking the cycle of poverty.  With the help of countless community volunteers we have provided 11 families with 25 children safe, decent and affordable housing.

We Provide A Hand Up Not A Hand Out
Habitat for Humanity houses are sold to Partner Families.  These homes are not given away. Partner Families have to first qualify for a home.  They must be employed with an annual income over $20,000 before deductions but less than LICO numbers.  Families monthly mortgage payments are calculated at 25% of earned income which covers the property taxes and principal payment to Habitat for Humanity Seaway Valley.

Families must be willing to perform 500 hours of sweat equity (volunteer hours on a Habitat related project).  This takes the place of a traditional financial down payment.  These volunteer hours are used primarily at Habitat Seaway Valley events to help raise the awareness and the much needed funds to build the family’s home.  Sweat equity hours can also be done at events, on home build sites and at the ReStore.

By building homes at low cost, requiring no down payment and not charging interest on the mortgage, Habitat for Humanity is able to provide an opportunity or a "hand up" to families that would not otherwise qualify for a conventional mortgage.

Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties is preparing for our 2019 Home Build in Cornwall. 
This Home Build will provide a safe, affordable home to a deserving family. By building homes at a low cost, requiring no down payment, and not charging interest on the mortgage, Habitat for Humanity is able to provide an opportunity, a "hand up", to low income families that would not otherwise qualify for a conventional mortgage.
Support from 100 Women Who Care Cornwall will assist Habitat Cornwall with purchasing the actual land for this home construction.


The homeowners' monthly mortgage payments go into a fund that is used to build more homes. The more homes that exist, the more cash flow there is for future home builds. This "revolving fund" fuels exponential growth in the number of houses that are built over time.

Your investment with Habitat Seaway Valley to build more affordable housing ultimately leads to healthier and more productive communities.  As a family's financial situation improves, their dependence on social services decreases and they are better able to contribute to the community and local economy.  Housing that is affordable and adequate leads to better outcomes for families in the areas of health, education and emotional wellbeing.  Good housing in communities attracts economic investment and contributes to thriving schools and community organizations.

Outcomes of Safe and Affordable Home Ownership
Statistics collected from Habitat for Humanity Canada identify:
•       54 % of children’s behavior improved
•       41% of children’s grades improved
•       34% of parents get better paying jobs
•       23% of parents go back to school

Big results start with a plan
At Habitat for Humanity Seaway Valley we’ve experienced first-hand how addressing the housing needs of just one family has the power to uplift an entire community.  Poverty is multi-generational by housing one family we have the ability to help break the cycle of poverty for future generations.

A house is built with bricks and mortar, built to withstand nature and the test of time.  A home is something we make, created to withstand the challenges we face, a safe and warm environment to raise our children, celebrate with our friends and family, a reflection of ourselves and our commitments to our community.