Diversity Cornwall


Diversity Cornwall is looking for your help in hosting Cornwall’s first ever PRIDE PROM!! Pride Prom is open to all residents of Cornwall who are 14+ with a focus on LGBTQ+ youth. Our goal is to create a safe and inclusive space where youth and young adults can celebrate prom season as their true selves. The event will feature a DJ, photo booth, mocktails station, food, and LOTS of dancing.


We are asking for $700 to support Pride Prom.


Diversity Cornwall is Cornwall’s only LGBTQ+ non-profit organization. We organize events for residents in Cornwall and surrounding areas and service all age groups. Our events are open to everyone in the community with a focus on providing support to the LGBTQ+ members of our community. We know that anxiety, depression and suicide rates and disproportionately high in the LGBTQ+ community, with 40% or high school students who are sexual minorities seriously contemplating suicide. These numbers are even higher for transgender youth. Our goal is to provide safe and inclusive activities in Cornwall where members of the LGBTQ+ community can find the support they need, and reduce the rates of depression and instances of suicide in this demographic group. Prom season can be extremely stressful for youth who identify as a sexual minority. We are planning Pride Prom in order to allow those youth to attend prom with whom ever they choose, and as their true selves. This event will also be a wonderful opportunity for LGBTQ+ youth to meet other members of the community who support them, and to build connection to a support network that could have a significant impact on youth mental health.


As a long time volunteer for the Ten Oaks Project, I have witnessed first hand the magic of LGBTQ+ children and youth being accepted and loved for who they are. This type of inclusivity and community support saves lives, especially those of LGBTQ+ children and youth. Since joining Diversity Cornwall’s board in 2017, I have helped to organize several community events and have been overwhelmed by the attendance and interest in these events. In January I organized a Drag Queen Story Time at the Cornwall Public Library. When I arrived to set up for this activity, we had several families waiting at the doors for the event to begin. The event was a huge success, and several parents contacted us to express their gratitude and to tell us how much this event meant to their children and youth. We had a full house at this free event, and have worked hard to plan family-friendly on a monthly basis ever since. There is a huge gap in services for LGBTQ+ children, youth, adults and families in our community. The services that are available are underfunded and simply do not have the resources to meet the demand for support. It is our goal to meet this demand. In just one year, Diversity Cornwall has planned the following events: 
- March in the Santa Claus parade  
- Paint day 
- Drag Queen Story Time 
- Pride Prom 
- Cornwall Pride - featuring 2 days of activities for the community including a Pride Walk/Run, Gala,  Parade, Open Mic, BBQ, crafts, activities and face painting for children, community outreach, yoga in the park, and “all bodies are good bodies” dance lessons
- Trans and non-binary child and youth swim 
- Trans and non-binary adult swim 
- Movie day  
And more to come!  

However, these activities are funded entirely by donations from our community, and we need your support to continue to meet this need!