Mammography at CCH

Our Hospital is proud to care for local patients within our

mammography department. Early detection is an important part of

the services supporting breast health at CCH and our Foundation is

currently fundraising for 2 Mammography Biopsy Guns.


What is a Mammography Biopsy Gun?

If your doctor tells you a biopsy is required, it doesn’t mean you have

cancer, but it’s important to investigate things further. Your journey

starts when a small tissue sample is taken right in the mammography

department, using a Mammography Biopsy Gun. Once a biopsy is

taken, the sample moves on to the lab and from there assessment

can be made to determine whether it’s a benign diagnosis or a care

plan is needed.


Why do we need this important piece of equipment?

This delicate piece of equipment is an essential part of diagnosis, but it needs periodic replacement to sustain its use and serve our patients properly.


How will the completion of this project directly benefit the residents of the Cornwall area?

Did you know CCH performs an average of 3 breast biopsies per week? That’s 156 annually. Our community benefits from having this same-day procedure in a familiar environment.



$10,000 will purchase both Mammography Biopsy Guns and support breast care health at CCH.


Completion Date?

If we are the funding recipients for this event, our fundraising efforts will be complete for both items and we will be able to purchase both devices.