Canadian Cancer Society - Wheels of Hope Program


Imagine facing the devastation of a cancer diagnosis. Now imagine having to worry about how you will get back and forth to treatment. In Ontario, 1 in 5 cancer patients have trouble getting to their life-saving treatment appointments.

Sometimes simply getting to treatment can be difficult. If you can’t afford the cost of travel, or if you are not physically well enough to use public transportation, we can work with you to help find a solution.

Wheels of Hope is a critical transportation service offered by the Canadian Cancer Society for people who have no other way of getting to lifesaving cancer treatment. The service is critical for patients who have no access to public transit, or when alternative transportation, such as taxis, may be too expensive.

Our Wheels of Hope Transportation Service covers 2 programs: Volunteer Driver Provided Program and Family Provided Program. These programs are intended to assist an eligible client and escort (if required) with their short-term travel to attend cancer-specific medical appointments or supportive care services delivered by a professional recognized by Ontario's Health Care System.

Volunteer drivers provide return trips for patients from their home to treatment centres. They offer friendly support and kindness at a time when patients need it most.

We anticipate the need for the program will increase each year given the aging population and more advanced screening practices.


The average cost in S.D.G. & Prescott Russell for transporting a patient to one treatment is $67.00. Typically, treatment will last seven weeks, requiring a minimum of 14 trips to treatment at a cost of $938.00 for the rides alone. We are proud to say that, annually we drive thousands of kilometers at NO COST (other than a registration fee), to our cancer patients and their escort for these vital trips. In 2017, 451 patients from our community received safe rides to their cancer-related appointments, covering close to 344,885 KMs of road. This work would not have been possible without the support of our community. We truly need your help and appreciate a donation of any size. Help your neighbours focus on getting well, not on how they will get to treatment.


The Canadian Cancer Society is making tremendous progress toward creating a world where people no longer have to fear cancer.

Our mission is focused on enhancing the lives of patients and their families in any way we can - from support and information services to funding clinical trials, to advocating for better health policies.

Every dollar counts in our efforts to reduce the burden of cancer on Canadians.