Bereaved Families of Ontario - Cornwall


Closed Support Group for PERINATAL LOSS.

This is a six-week support group for parents who have lost a child by miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death.

This is a new project that we have tried out last November with three of our clients & Board members who have experienced a Perinatal Loss. We have gathered materials and developed each session to reflect the various elements of the grief journey after the loss of a child before, during or shortly after birth. This loss is often dismissed and parents rarely have the opportunity to express their silent grief.

Being a member of a group of parents who have experienced a similar loss is truly helpful and the participants do not feel so alone in their grief.


The approximate cost for one group is $1550.00

This group begins on September 25th, 2018 and ends on October 30th.


This would be the first time that we offer a group specific to Infant Loss. Many parents who have experienced a Perinatal Loss have joined the Loss of a Child Groups and found it somewhat helpful. But a general comment is that often, they feel "out of place" and misunderstood by parents who have lost adult children.

There are many more couples who have lost a child by miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death than we could ever imagine. We hope that by offering a group specific to this loss, many parents would reach out for the help they so desperately want, but cannot find.


As Facilitator & Program Coordinator at Bereaved Families, I wish everyone knew that there is help for all people who are overwhelmed with the loss of a loved one and that all our services are offered free of charge.

I wish everyone could hear the comments from our clients who attest that our services have "saved their life", "changed their life" and sometimes "saved their relationship with their spouse".

I wish everyone was a witness to the transformations in our clients' it children as young as 4 years old to teens, adults and seniors.

I wish everyone knew that we help all members of families when they are torn apart by their grief.

I wish everyone knew that we have served the community of Cornwall & Area for almost 33 years and that the community recognised our services as a very important link to the mental health of its residents.