Maison Baldwin House


Maison Baldwin House is a shelter for abused women and their children. We currently run on a tight budget, and the couches in the main living room area are needing to be replaced.  As a shelter, we have strict guidelines about the types or furniture we can use and the materials from which it can be made. We are also looking to replace the dressers and end tables in our 6 bedrooms, and add another change table. We have been doing our best to repair and work with the furniture we have currently, but to be able to upgrade would be wonderful for our clients. An additional change table would certainly be appreciated when we have more than one family with babies/children still in diapers.


In order to do this we are asking for $3600.


The women and children who use our services will have safe, comfortable furniture to use in the shelter. Currently, the couch we have is not overly inviting for a mom and her kids to sit and watch a movie together. We want to make our residential living room/common space as home-y and comfortable as possible so that our women can truly relax and feel at home during their time spent at the shelter.


 I wish people could see the difficulty new clients have being away from home in a new environment. It was can be extremely difficult and overwhelming, and while our counselors truly do their best to make each person feel welcomed, the simple comforts of home, like being able to snuggle up and watch a movie with your kids, can help ease the transition for our families.