Alzheimer Society Music Project

Music has emotional content, and hearing it can trigger emotional memories, some of the more powerful memories that we have. We don't shed this type of memory as we grow old - - in fact, we retain our appreciation for music.

The Alzheimer Society Music Project focuses on music's ability to tap into procedural memory and pull on our emotional heartstrings may mean it can do more than simply allow dementia sufferers to access pristine memories from the past. Researchers discovered that Alzheimer's patients had a much easier time recalling words that had been sung to them than they could after the words had been spoken. It suggests that music could enhance new memory formation in people with dementia.

See an emotional video clip of how music can make a difference in a person’s life:

The Music Project programs each iPod unit individually for the recipients, ensuring the music matches their preferred genre and era. The cost to purchase, program and transfer each iPod unit to their new owner is $150.
The Alzheimer Society of Cornwall and District already has a waiting list of families requesting to secure the Music Project iPods. A donation from the 100 Women Who Care would allow the purchase and programming of 65-70 iPods in the Cornwall area, where there is currently more than 3600 individuals living with dementia who are being assisted.

Once the iPods from the Music Project are programmed and delivered to an individual, and after it is no longer needed, the iPods can be sent back and re-programmed for another user at a reduced cost.

For amazing visuals of the impact that music makes for people with Alzheimer’s disease, please view:

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