Agape Center - Dining Room Furnishings


The Agapè Center dining room furnishings were given to us well over a decade ago. They were the property of McDonald’s Food chain and are from the 1970’s.


Chairs are broken and the tables are no longer stable.


Our current furnishings in our Soup Kitchen Dining Room is in extreme disrepair. Tables & Chairs are broken and can no longer be adjusted. Shims are needed to balance our chairs and some of them are hazardous.


The tables have a four seating allowance but the food trays do not fit on the table tops (3” overhang on each sides).


“Accidents” at the tables mean food waste.


The Agapè Center does not receive any Governmental Subsidy or Municipal Funding.


We serve some of the most vulnerable populations in our community including the homeless, couch surfers, working poor, elderly and simply those who are looking for a “homey/social” place to eat a hot meal. We serve 100 to 160 meals every weekday in our soup kitchen. We feed over 1200 community residents every month.


In addition, in our food bank we provide food to approximately 25 families per day (125 weekly). 


40% of our food recipients are children and youth.


100% of our funding comes from donors, fundraisers and our thrift store New for You.


We offer fresh food items in our food bank (milk , bread, eggs, potatoes, carrots and onions.)


Cost of new Furnishings:


We would like to purchase a total of 10 new tables and 30 chairs to refurnish our dining room.


We humbly submit a budget need of $5,003.36


We thank you in advance for considering The Agapè Centre!