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Description of your proposed project: Description of our proposed project:

“Human trafficking involves the recruitment, transportation, harbouring and/ or exercising control, direction or influence over the movements of a person in order to exploit that person, typically through sexual exploitation or forced labour. It is often described as a modern form of slavery.”

The prevalence of human sex trafficking, within Canadian communities including Cornwall and area, has been a growing concern for the many service providers, non-government agencies and law enforcement agencies, for some time. All sectors have been touched by this growing criminal trend. Human sex trafficking is a complex issue which involves diverse victims/survivors facing unique and different circumstances. As a result of their experiences, many survivors/victims face the long-lasting effects of trauma. As community members, along with service providers and police, it is our responsibility to prevent victimization, enforce human trafficking laws and ensure that the victim/survivors have the adequate supports and services to begin to put their lives back together. People are shocked when they hear that Human Trafficking in happening in our own backyard. Cornwall has been identified by the government and law enforcements as a “hot spot” or “hub” for this type of crime, our city is situated on the main corridor for 3 large cities, boarder the U.S.A and First Nations Community. “Ontario’s Strategy to End Human Trafficking”, launched in 2016, aims to increase awareness and coordination, improve survivors' access to services and enhance justice-sector initiatives.”

To address this growing social epidemic, The Cornwall and Area Human Trafficking Mobilization Task Force was established in March of 2018. This is a collaboration between law enforcement, service providers and justice stakeholders; working together to address the issues of human sex trafficking and to streamline supports for the victim/survivors and families of human sex trafficking is monumental to the healing of all involved.

As mentioned, Rotary International is dedicated to six areas of focus, this project will address “Save mothers and children” and “Support Education”. The objective of this project is for the Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise to work hand in hand with the The Cornwall and Area Human Trafficking Mobilization Task Force,  front line service providers, members of the public, law enforcement, justice partners, health care and educational professionals in our community and Akwesasne to address Human Trafficking.


There are four ways to tackle Human Trafficking, Prevention, Protection, Prosecution and Partnerships, the Four “P” of Human Trafficking is a term commonly used in the field. 


If successful, The Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise would be the “banker” and would collaborate with the Taskforce to undertake numerous events that would include the delivery of the Four “P”’s, some of which would include: secure training funds to offer Awareness Campaigns to members of the public, youth, medical and law enforcement professionals and justice partners about Human Trafficking. This training will cover professionals and residents who work in S.D.G&A.


  •  citizens about the human trafficking indicators so that they can identify and report their observations to police,
  • Migrants and other vulnerable populations at risk of human trafficking,
  •  Indigenous Persons both on and off Indigenous communities whose youth are at risk,
  • Vulnerable youth who may be homeless, suffer from a mental illness, drug addiction and /or other vulnerabilities,
  •  law enforcement, service providers and justice stakeholders,
  • victim/ survivors and families of human sex trafficking. 


  • Protection is pivotal to combating modern slavery, the key efforts to victim protection includes the "three Rs" – rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration. Putting the victims’ rights and needs at the forefront is essential if the person is to be successful in exciting the “game”, a term frequently used in Human Trafficking.
  • The Human Trafficking Taskforce for Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry and Akwesasne “Taskforce” will work closely with The Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise on assisting with the delivery of its goals. At this time, the Taskforce is in the process of establishing an “Emergency Care Path” – Human Trafficking for such victims.  
  • Identifying victims and training first responders is of paramount importance to a country’s ability to tackle this serious human rights abuse.
  •  As of today, the Canadian Government can assist victims to apply Temporary Status as a Protected Persons (TSPP),
  • Proof of citizenship is often missing as traffickers often withhold documents,
  • Safe measures should be put in place to ensure the protection of survivors, as well as their family members who may be in harm’s way,
  • Protecting victims means working effectively with  partnerships between law enforcement and service providers,
  •  NOTE: The information mentioned above have all been taken into consideration in the “Emergency Care Path”- Human Trafficking.


  • The prosecution of traffickers is imperative.
  • Learning more about the role of the prosecution in dealing with imposed sentences should involve significant jail time, with a majority of cases resulting in sentences on the order of 1 year of imprisonment or more.
  • Sentences should take into account the severity of an individual's involvement in trafficking, imposed sentences for other grave crimes, and the judiciary's right to hand down punishments consistent with that country’s laws.


  • Human Trafficking is a criminal network that takes place in every corner of the globe and affects millions of people including children, youth, young adults, their families and includes “us” as well.
  • Battling human trafficking requires the expertise, resources and efforts of many caring individuals. It is a crime with multifaceted issue necessitating an all-inclusive response of government and nongovernment bodies in such areas as human rights, labor and employment, health and services, and law enforcement.
  • Partnerships enhance efforts by bringing together diverse experience, reinforcing messages of unity thereby accomplishing more together than any one entity or sector would be able to alone. Our local Taskforce is an example of an existing partnerships in are community that takes the Four “P” of Human Trafficking and the Three “R”’s that address victims into consideration.


What is the estimated cost of this project: $5000



What is the estimated date of completion of this project: 03/27/2020


This project will benefit residents of Cornwall and Area in the following ways:

  • We will increase knowledge and awareness on human sex trafficking within Cornwall and Area through community education, capacity building, leading and fostering joint initiatives addressing the issues of human trafficking,
  • Human trafficking impacts all individuals (regardless of gender, race, age, and sexual orientation),
  • As Canadians, we take a stand on violations of human rights,
  • Sexual exploitation of children, youth and young adults is a crime,
  • 98% of sex trafficking victims worldwide are women and girls, 93% of Canada trafficking victims come from Canada (Canadian Women Foundation, 2014),
  • Canadians have an obligation to include Reconciliation initiatives in our communities, this project would be a first for W3G that acknowledges the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG).



The Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Cornwall, was chartered January 17, 1989; the celebration took place on April 22, 1989. The charter president was Brian Loucks. This marked the first time a Rotary Club in District 7040 was chartered with female members (i.e., May Brown, Susan Carter and Bette Miller). In Canada, women were officially admitted to Rotary membership on January 1, 1989.

Establishment of a second Rotary Club in Cornwall that met for breakfast provided further opportunities for business and professional men and women to serve their community and enjoy the fellowship of like-minded citizens. As Rotarians, we are proud of the varied opportunities to serve humanity within their immediate community and farther afield. Over the years members of Cornwall Sunrise have participated in hands-on activities and made financial contributions to a variety of organizations that share goals which are in harmony with Rotary’s philosophy.

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