Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties

Estimated cost - $167,000

Requested contribution - $6,600


The build project will break ground in spring 2019, with construction taking place over the spring and summer months. Upon completion of construction, a home dedication will take place in late summer or early fall 2019.


Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties, working with community partners, delivers a unique home build program which helps local, low income, working families break the cycle of poverty. Our service area includes the City of Cornwall, Akwesasne, and the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry.


Habitat for Humanity builds safe, affordable homes which are purchased at fair market value with an interest free mortgage by local Partner Families. In place of a traditional, financial down-payment, Partner Families commit 500 hours of sweat equity to Habitat for Humanity. This includes helping with construction, raising the necessary funds for their own home, working in the ReStore and more.


The core housing need for the province of Ontario is 15.3%. However, in Cornwall, that core housing need jumps to 18.5%. Comparatively, this is only 0.5% lower than the City of Toronto, the largest urban centre in Canada. Tied very closely with housing needs is poverty prevalence. As reported in June 2018, 1 in 5 children living in Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry are living below the poverty line.


By serving low income, working families, Habitat is able to help these families and their children break the vicious cycle of poverty. Extensive discussions surrounding poverty reduction strategies for Cornwall and the surrounding counties have been taking place. While Habitat’s home build and home ownership programs are the not the solution for everyone, every time we are able to help one family, one child, we are able to see the residual effects of the project on our local community. This includes increased community engagement and volunteerism, corporate participation, donations and more.


In terms of lasting effects on families and their children, there is a marked reduction in use of social services. This can be seen by 70% of Habitat families that report improved health and 60% of Habitat families that report a reduction in their need for food banks. There is also a 65% reported improvement in children’s confidence, which translates to an increase of 61% participation in extracurricular activities.


Habitat Cornwall is undertaking two Cornwall build projects in 2019 and 2020. The 2019 project will see Habitat Cornwall build a single family home, and the 2020 project will consist of a semi-detached construction which will house two families.


For 2019, we are building a safe, affordable home for Shane and Ashley Lauzon and their three young sons. This engaged Partner Family has already completed more than 300 hours of sweat equity by helping in the ReStore, assisting with various fundraising initiatives and events and by promoting Habitat Cornwall within our community. Shane and Ashley are extremely engaged with the community. They have made immense efforts to generate support within the community for raffles, fundraising events and more. In a few short months, Shane and Ashley Lauzon, along with our community, will work with Habitat Cornwall to build their new home on Churchill Street.


This family is coming from truly unsafe conditions. Their house, which is a converted garage, has exposed HVAC, leaking windows, heaving floors and more. In addition, they have experienced frozen pipes on an annual basis,, multiple home invasions and home invasion attempts. Their three young sons are scared to go to the bathroom by themselves; the only bathroom in the house is upstairs, and that is where they had to lock themselves during the most brazen attempted robbery. A safe, new Habitat home will give these children and their parents the peace of mind they so greatly deserve.


Partnership with 100 Women Who Care Cornwall will directly support local home builds and local families in Cornwall.


Support from 100 Women Who Care Cornwall would be used to offset costs associated with 2019 Home Build Project. We are fortunate to have an active community that is willing to volunteer time towards the actual build process. However, certain costs are unavoidable. A contribution of $6,600 from 100 Women Who Care Cornwall would quite literally put a roof over the Lauzon family’s heads and floors under their feet. This support would be directed towards the costs associated with roofing, joists, flooring, etc.


In recent history, Habitat Cornwall has built one home every two years. Combined with the recent relocation of our ReStore and as our strategic timeline has evolved, we are now on track to build one home every year (2018/2019), with the ability to house two families in 2020. This is a total of 7 homes over the next 5 years added to the affordable housing stock in Cornwall and SD&G.


The City of Cornwall generously donated a building lot on Eva Street for a future Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties project. Given Habitat Cornwall’s projected strategic timelines to serve two families in 2020, this lot will be used for a semi-detached home. All home build projects aim to serve selected Partner Families depending upon their home requirements (accessibility, overcrowding, etc). By holding the Eva Street property for a 2020 semi-detached build, we will be able to increase affordable housing stock within Cornwall in a more mindful manner.


In order to serve our 2019 Partner Family, it was necessary to purchase a suitable building lot on Churchill Street.


Habitat Cornwall home builds are typically budgeted at $110,000 to cover material costs, labour etc. However, the implications of having to purchase this land has meant that the budget for the 2019 home build is automatically increased by $57,000 (land purchase and survey costs), necessitating a 51% budget increase. A copy of the projected 2019 home build budget is included here for easy reference and review. In addition to the projected home build budget, a copy of the home build sponsorship package is also included. This package outlines the benefits of sponsorship directly related to the build process, including logo recognition for 100 Women Who Care Cornwall, an opportunity to participate on the build site and more.


Support and partnership with 100 Women Who Care Cornwall stays local, for local. Since Habitat Cornwall began in 1998, we have helped 13 families, with 31 children, achieve the dream of homeownership as a means to break the cycle of poverty. And with your help, we will be able to keep our families and our community growing and thriving for years to come.