Agape Centre

We are in need of different size bins to store fresh produce during the garden season.  After the harvest, we would use these bins to properly stock and separate items: low sodium, low sugar and/or sugar free. 

In our community, there is a significant increase in elderly people utilizing our food bank and have dietary restrictions...  Having bins to organize and make it more accessible would ease and speed up the monthly visits.


The air conditioning unit hasn't been operational since 2015.  During the summer months, we have fans in each area (reception, kitchen, dining room and food bank) to help circulate some air.  As you may appreciate, when cooking all morning in heat, the smells etc... can be overwhelming.  From a health point of view, having the unit fixed would help with retaining perishable items longer; and of course would make the visit to Agapè easier for many that suffer from asthma, cancer, etc...

What is the estimated cost of this project? $7,000.00
What is the estimated date of completion of this project? 06/30/2019 


Having bins that contain fresh produce from our community garden; and/or sorting the foods that meet specific dietary needs for people using the services of the Agapè Centre food bank will enhance and ease monthly visits.  Currently, fresh produce is set in a corner on the floor in bags on a large plastic mat...  Also, the canned foods are set on a small shelving unit mixed in with regular (full sodium and/or sugar) and it is difficult to keep these non-perishables in an orderly manner.


The Agapè Centre is not subsidized by any Government monies.  All monies come from our social enterprise (Thrift Store), fundraising efforts/events and generous donors in our community.