Congratulations to our TWO WINNERS of the evening! 

Maison Baldwin House and Cornwall Community Hospital Foundation who both received funds for their projects!  Baldwin House will be able to purchase new couches and CCHF can purchase 1 of the mammography biopsy guns! 

Our first event was a huge success and we are looking forward to many more years of women supporting Cornwall & Area! 

Our goal...  

What's this all about?

100+ Women Who Care About Cornwall and Area is a group of women in Cornwall and the surrounding areas who care deeply about our community and are passionate about contributing to its health and vitality. Each year, we meet for one hour and make a $100 donation to a local charity voted on by the members.

1 hour + $100 x 100+ women = $10,000+ per year invested in making Cornwall and area an even better place in which to live!

Now there’s a winning formula! Just think of the difference it could make to our many deserving local projects. It couldn’t be more simple, more fun, or have a more powerful effect, and you can be a part of it.

100+ Women Who Care About Cornwall and Area is for you if:

  • you want to contribute to worthy causes in your community but aren’t sure how to fit volunteering into your schedule
  • you can commit to one hour every year you want 100% of your money to go directly to a local charity
  • you want your $100 donation to be part of a large amount that can create powerful change in your community


Membership requirements:

You must:

be a caring and compassionate woman, interested in the health and vitality of your community commit to attending a 1 hour meeting each year 

commit to donating $100 

Membership Benefits:

You will:

have the chance to make a real difference for a cause close to your heart

be able to help others with a minimum time commitment

meet other committed and compassionate women from our community

be a part of a powerful force for change

Ready to join?

How it works...

Once you sign up, you will receive emails updating you on our progress, and letting you know about the local initiatives & groups that you are asked to consider.

The Process:

We handle no money.  When you are notified of the voting 'event', you come with your cheque, have a snack and a chat, vote and off you go!  Your tax receipt will be mailed to you!